EUHASS Rapid Alert System


EUHASS has a Europe-wide Rapid Alert System so that health professionals treating patients with haemophilia or other inherited bleeding disorders can be notified immediately of unexpected or serious adverse events.


Activation of the Rapid Alert System

Any unexpected or serious adverse events observed during the EUHASS project will be discussed among members of the Steering Committee via a telephone conference.  If the Steering Committee decides the Rapid Alert System should be used it will produce the text of the communication to be sent out.


Sending a Rapid Alert message

The message will be sent out by email.  A feedback loop will be included to ensure delivery of the message and centres not confirming receipt of the email will be sent the information by fax.  A list of contact details (email addresses and fax numbers) for directors and key staff in all haemophilia centres in Europe is continually maintained and updated ready to be used for this purpose.


Public notification of a Rapid Alert

The Steering Committee will decide what communication should be placed on the public EUHASS website.


Rapid Alerts issued by EUHASS

The system was used for the first time in February 2009 to send out information on the identification of variant CJD in the spleen of a UK haemophiliac.












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