Haemophilia Centres database


EUHASS maintains a database of all the haemophilia centres in Europe with details of how they can be accessed by patients.  This database also includes information on haemophilia patient, doctor, nurse and physiotherapist organisations in Europe.


Information on haemophilia centres

For haemophilia centres the database has information on centre name and address, centre contact details, names of centre director, consultants, nurses and other relevant team members, centre website, and emergency and out of hours instructions for patients.  


Information on haemophilia patient, doctor, nurse and physiotherapist organisations

For these organisations details held are organisation name and address, contact details, website and names of principal officers.


Searching the Haemophilia Centres database


Search the Haemophilia Centres database click here to search


The database is publicly searchable online.  We hope you find this a useful tool to look for haemophilia treatment centres in Europe and how to access them.  You can also search the database to see the haemophilia organisations listed for each country and their contact details. 


Help us keep it up to date


The database is regularly updated by the European Haemophilia Consortium, the patients’ organisation in Europe.  However, if you know of a treatment centre or other organisation which you think should be on the database, or if you’ve spotted a mistake in the information listed, please contact us by emailing ehc@euhass.org



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