Clotting Factor Products Directory

European Clotting Factor Directory

EUHASS is developing and maintaining a publicly accessible list of all clotting factor concentrates used in Europe. The directory is searchable and gives the product characteristics. For many products there is also a list of publications relating to that product.

Information on clotting factor concentrates

Details displayed for each product include type of clotting factor, name of manufacturer, site of manufacture and plasma source. Lists of publications relating to the product and links to the abstract or full text of the article have also been added where available. Information has been checked with the clotting factor manufacturers wherever possible.

Searching the Clotting Factor Directory – click here to search

The directory is publicly searchable online. It can be searched by typing in the name of a concentrate or a manufacturer.

Help us keep it up to date

We contact the clotting factor manufacturers once a year to check the information we have on their products. We also welcome updates, corrections or additions from manufacturers at any time to help us keep the directory accurate and up to date, please contact us by emailing









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